Jillian has been interested in and has been practicing Tai Chi in Townsville for many years, although in Tai Chi terms it is not the number of years you have been learning, it is the number of hours you have been practicing that is important.

 She has previously been an instructor with the Taoist Society where she attended many national and international workshops.   She has also attended workshops with the Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong (AATC) in Sydney 2011 with Grandmaster G. Khor "Energy Healing Arts of China", with  Master Rod Ferguson AATC in Brisbane 2013 "Falls Prevention Program", with Master R. Ferguson and Taoist Master Zhou (Wudang Mountains, China)  on the Gold Coast 2013 "A Taste of Wudang", with Grandmaster Khor AATC in Cairns 2013 "Tai Chi Energy Workshop" and she has also completed the 'Stay on your Feet Tai Chi for Health Falls Prevention Program" run by Alice L Yuan, National Head Instructor of Exercise Medicine Australia and Dr. Henry Zheng, Research Fellow of Exercise Medicine Australia, in Townsville, 2013.  In September 2014 she attended Grandmaster Khor's Sydney Seminar showcasing 'Sinew Strengthening & Bone Marrow Rejuvenation' along with 'Posture, Joints & Nine Channel Energy Circulation', 'Immune System & Cancer Qigong Therapy, and 'Healing Power of Tai Chi & Shibashi Qigong'.  She has completed an 'Applied Tai Chi: Chronic Disease Management Program with Master Rod Ferguson, National Director of Training, Australian Academy of Tai Chi in March, 2016.  She has recently attended a 'Tai Chi For Life' Seminar with Grandmaster Khor, Master Ferguson and Aaron Khor covering the topics 'Tai Chi & Qi Nourishment/Energy Medicine Training/Applied Tai Chi Qigong Methods and Acupressure and Massage in August, 2016.  Latest workshop with Grandmaster Khor, Senior Master Rod Ferguson and Young Master Aaron Khor-August 2017 "Living Chi - The Art & The Science with particular reference to "Healthy Ageing".  May 2019 Applied Tai Chi Training for Healthy Ageing and Falls Prevention with Senior Master Rod Ferguson included new applications based on the latest falls research results.  Course also included information about tai chi for Arthritis, Diabetes, Parkinson's and general health. Attended Academy Workshop Sept 2019 Brisbane with Grandmaster Khor/Senior Master Rod Ferguson/Master Aaron Khor on Qigong Sound Vibration and Qi Meridian Cleansing/Tai Chi Core Skills for Balance, Mobility & Healthy Ageing/Chinese Health & Nutrition and Tai Chi Health Application and Self Defence.

She is presently instructing Shibashi and Wudang Tai Chi Chuan Tuesdays 9.30 - 11.00 am and Friday mornings 9.30 - 11.00 am at the Chinese Club and has previously periodically instructed at the Institute of Sports and Exercise Science at James Cook University of North Queensland under the guidance of Rosemarie Newman for the Falls Prevention Program.   She has also taught chair-based tai chi at the Loreto Nursing Home, Townsville over the last 4 years.

Photographs courtesy of Carita D'Souza